Diversified Energy Solutions

Westerman, Inc. is a large equipment fabricator, focused on continuous improvements in design, engineering and manufacturing. Our broad portfolio of equipment supports production, dehydration, stabilization, filtration and custody transfer metering, setting new standards for performance and economics nationwide.

We proudly serve other diverse end markets such as Nuclear, Marine and Industrial.

Oil operations equipment
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Separation Technology

Advanced separation technology helps our customers optimize processing and storage in any play. Close collaboration with operators and specialized application engineering expertise has enabled us to design systems that deliver more purity, throughput, and uptime nationwide.

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Field Products

These days, operators need every advantage possible when lowering capital expenditures and optimizing the well pad for every resource. That's why Westerman products build more potential into everything they make—so you can do more with less. All engineered and built to Worthington Industries' exacting standards.

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Unique Challenge
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Have a unique well-pad separation or storage challenge?

We want to hear about it. Contact a Westerman well-pad consultant.

Basins Served

Our team goes beyond application engineering expertise to share extensive understanding of local well characteristics and production challenges. These basin-specific insights translate into huge efficiencies in the performance of separators, GPUs and other equipment.


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