Rethinking efficiency from the inside out.

Many separators look identical on the outside. But our engineers work closely with operators to better understand production challenges at the well pad—designing internal innovations that help streamline the physics behind this equipment in a way that makes every minute worth more.

Designed with Your Well in Mind

Unlike many units in service, Westerman separators were designed with today's multi-well pads in mind—optimizing processing under these high-pressure conditions. Our proprietary separation technology delivers dramatically enhanced efficiency of liquid gas separation that makes a big difference in overall surface operations.

Better Purity

Westerman separators feature advanced internals that separate more thoroughly for better product purity and less surface processing complication.

Greater Throughput

Our units can separate more quickly than competing technologies—sometimes up to FOUR TIMES FASTER than similar units from other OEMs.

Smaller Footprint

Our separators take up less space than conventional units. And because fewer are necessary, customers have more room to work at the well site.

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No matter what the challenge, Westerman can specify the perfect well separation equipment for any play. All with the level of superior quality and efficiency for which our equipment is known nationwide. Because better quality is always worth it.

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How do we ensure our surface separation equipment is always worth specifying? Not only through close collaboration with operators, but also by leveraging a number of proven Westerman capabilities to streamline this mission-critical function. See what we bring to the job.

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