Helping Permian producers keep pace.

In today's Permian Basin, production engineers and asset managers are looking for new and innovative ways to create efficiencies. Westerman's innovative, efficient separation technologies are helping bring more product to market, more quickly, and in a way that’s pushing what's possible in the Permian.

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Permian Overview

Covering portions of West Texas and New Mexico, the Permian Basin is the nation's current largest producing oil and gas basin—on track to generate 5.4 million barrels per day by 2023. As of 2018, approximately 50 percent of all drilling and completion activity taking place in the United States was located in the Permian Basin. The nation's hotbed of activity, the region has helped change the American energy landscape in the last few years. With active development in all formations, the area's operators are producing huge volumes from multi-well pads. That means Permian Basin separators add value straight to the bottom line.

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Separation and Storage Challenges

High Volume

With production volumes that surpass several other oil producing nations combined, Westerman's high-efficiency separation helps better manage this mission-critical throughput.

High Pressures

The Permian's multi-well pads and long laterals put separation equipment to work, demanding high-performance well pad infrastructure that will last.

Sandy Production

The Permian's sandy production streams, especially in the Bone Spring and Upper/Lower Spraberry formations, demand aggressive sand removal performance.

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How do we deliver high-performance separation and storage solutions that are perfect for the Permian's sandy, high volume production? By leveraging a number of proven capabilities our organization has spent decades developing.

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Field Products

Check out Westerman's portfolio of well pad equipment that can help improve your production KPIs—including our reliable GPUs, separators, heater treaters, tanks, sand traps and more.

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Permian Region
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