Sand Traps

Making sand management particularly easy.

Sandy formations can be hard on surface processing infrastructure—damaging equipment and slowing down throughput rates. That's why we make field-hardened, high-performance sand traps always worth specifying by name.

Tough Sand Protection
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Sand Separation Equipment

Sand carryover can damage valves, controls and other systems—shortening component life and raising maintenance costs. Manual cleanouts from separation equipment take time and manpower that really adds up. And there are greater, more serious safety and systems risks if not controlled over the long term.

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Engineered to handle up to 6,000PSI

Westerman sand traps make taming sandy production streams easy. Designed and built to exacting standards, these sand catchers mitigate surface equipment damage in a way that makes a huge long-term impact on uptime and convenience. Our sand traps are engineered for easy dumping of collected sand, making regular maintenance quick and painless.

We also provide sand management equipment that helps streamline the commissioning of surface processing equipment to bring you online as quickly as possible. With pre-configured desanding units for fast turnaround and on-site training, your crew will be able to focus on bigger-picture matters of production optimization.

Slash sand carryover to production surface equipment
Lower maintenance costs and processing downtime
Available in both vertical and spherical orientations
Rated for production processing up to 6,000PSI
Made to ASME and Westerman quality standards
Available in a variety of unit dimensions
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How do we ensure our surface separation equipment is always worth specifying? Not only through close collaboration with operators, but also by leveraging a number of proven Westerman capabilities to streamline this mission-critical function. See what we bring to the job.

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