Pump Skids


Lease Automated Custody Transfer skids are used to accurately measure crude before it enters a pipeline, truck or rail tanker. Think of this as a cash register. The type of pump is determined by flow rates and pressures needed.
Pump Skids
Pump Skids 2

Transfer/Booster Skids

Transfer pumps are typically lower pressure and are used to distribute water or crude into pipelines and into storage tanks.

Booster Pumps increase pressure in order to get fluid into a pipeline or feed a larger pump.

Fresh Water Pump Skids are used to meter fresh water into a produced water stream to reduce salinity, helping with scaling and corrosion.

Salt Water Disposal

SWD’s are a high-pressure, high-volume pump systems that are used to inject produced water into a disposal well. Typically fed from a tank battery. Generally the injection pumps are Horizontal Centrigual Pumps “HCP’s” (pictured) or Piston/Plunger Pumps.
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